About Us

Thank you for your interest in the Wichita Falls Woman’s Forum. Members of the Woman’s Forum are focused on promoting study and appreciation of fine arts and academic pursuits. Additionally, members encourage all ages of women in community service. Annual dues are paid by each member that gives them the privilege of attending all social events, programs and activities of the Woman’s Forum.


The Woman’s Forum’s By-Laws are proposed and approved by the Board of Directors.  The current By-Laws were updated in May 2018.

CLICK HERE for the current By-Laws.


The Board of Directors has general charge and control of the affairs, funds, and property of The Woman’s Forum. The Board of Directors is composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, a designated representative of each of the departments, and additional members appointed by the President.  Regular meetings of the Board of Directors are the fourth Tuesday in May, August, October, January, and March.

CLICK HERE  for a list of the Board of Directors for 2022-23.


Current Woman’s Forum Organizational Chart