Alpha Forum

The purpose of the Alpha Forum Department is to provide, for the daughters of Woman’s Forum members, an organization that shares the objectives of the Woman’s Forum. This organization provides activities that will acquaint members with one another and prepare them for membership in the Junior Forum.

Membership shall be as follows:
• Unmarried ninth and tenth-grade high school girls.
• A girl must be the daughter or ward of a member of the Woman’s Forum.
• A girl who is motherless may be sponsored by a woman who has been a Woman’s Forum member since the girl’s ninth-grade year in school.
• The girl’s name shall be proposed in writing on an application form and the mother’s membership in the Woman’s Forum shall be verified by the Alpha Forum Sponsor.
• A girl’s membership must be endorsed by her mother or guardian.
• The father of a motherless girl may join the Woman’s Forum and sponsor his daughter.

Fees are as follows:
• The yearly dues are $150.00 ($50.00 paid to the Alpha Forum and $100.00 paid to the Junior Forum). Dues must be paid for both years of Alpha Forum in order to be eligible for the Junior Forum.
• The mother/guardian of each girl will pay yearly dues to the Woman’s Forum of $40.00.

There is a minimum of four (4) meetings a year.

CLICK HERE (pending) for an Alpha Forum Membership Form.

CLICK HERE for the 2023-24 schedule of events.  

For additional information, send an email by using the “Contact Us” tab.