Junior Forum

The purpose of the Junior Forum is to provide educational and social events, promote community service and enhance social graces. We also develop leadership and organizational skills and present graduating seniors as debutantes.

Each month, members attend a fun event coupled with a community service project. Events are also scheduled to include our significant male/female role models (mother’s and father’s), our friends, and the community.

As stated in our Bylaws, each member’s mother or sponsor must be a member of the Woman’s Forum (dues for this are to be paid separately). Membership shall be composed of unmarried, childless eleventh and twelfth-grade high school girls.

To be in good standing with the organization, each member must pay their dues by July 1 of each year. Members must not miss more than 3 consecutive meetings in one year without being excused by the sponsor.

You may call the current sponsor to discuss the dues as they vary depending on if you are a junior or a senior.

CLICK HERE for the 2023-24 schedule of events. 

For additional information, send an email using the “Contact Us” tab.